What is IVF with donor eggs?

IVF using donor oocytes is a program that gives a woman an opportunity to reach the desired pregnancy and give birth to a baby, even though she does not have her own oocytes. This approach is widely used in many countries around the world where egg donation is allowed by law. In Ukraine, egg donation is completely legal and can be used by women with medical indications.
We’re committed to providing the very best fertility treatment, innovative technology, expertise, and care. With over 2500 babies born so far, we can help you on this extremely important journey towards having a baby. If you need IVF treatment with donor eggs, our clinic offers safe, reliable and exceptionally high levels of medical standards. We are already cooperating with leading clinics in Australia and Israel.

Who is egg donation indicated for?

  • Women with advanced maternal age – the program is available for patients under 51 years old
  • Single women – both IVF with egg donation and sperm donation are available
  • Women with recurrent implantation failure
  • Women with recurrent implantation failure
  • Women with genetic diseases which cannot be excluded by PGT
  • Women who have undergone chemotherapy

Stages of egg donation treatment

  • Check the OvoPuzzle egg donor database on our website.

    We have created one of the best database of egg donors in Ukraine, which is user-friendly, with a huge number of young and healthy donors whose profiles contain comprehensive information about them.

  • Choose a suitable profile and contact our coordinator.

    Our English-speaking coordinator is always ready to help you with any issues..

  • Request an online/offline medical appointment with one of our fertility doctors to assess health and physical eligibility for treatment.

Our coordinator helps you to make an appointment with your preferred doctor.

  • In case of a positive doctor’s decision, you will receive an invoice for the chosen egg donation program.

    This invoice includes the price for a certain package, which you can pay at home or during your first visit to our clinic.

  • Donor stimulation (2 weeks) suitable for the program with fresh oocytes.

    To receive the donor’s oocytes we need to stimulate their ovaries. It takes 10-14 days, during which they have to have daily injections.

  • Donor OPU or oocytes thawing (if you choose a program with frozen oocytes).

    The procedure takes only 15-20 minutes with mild anesthesia. Two hours after the oocytes retrieval donors receive their medical prescriptions and can go home.

  • Oocytes fertilization

    After oocytes collection or thawing, they are fertilized with the sperm of the husband/partner/sperm donor. On the day of oocytes fertilization, we already need sperm. Therefore, a sperm sample of your husband/partner should be cryopreserved before starting the program. Or you can send it from your country if needed. In case you require donor sperm, you can order it before the start of the program.

  • Cultivation of embryos till the 5th day of their development

    Right after ICSI, the fertilized eggs are placed in an incubator. Under special conditions, close to those in the uterine cavity and on nutrient media, they start their division and path to becoming blastocysts on the 5th day.

  • Fresh embryo transfer or cryopreservation of blastocysts

    When the embryos reach the 5th day of development, embryologists assess their quality and only morphologically good embryos are used further in work. By prior agreement with patients, it is possible to transfer the embryo into the uterine cavity without freezing it.
    If patients decide to carry out pre-implantation genetic testing of embryos or embryo transfer is not possible due to problems, for example, with the endometrium, embryos are vitrified and stored in the cryostorage of our clinic, where they are constantly being properly cared for. In case of failure or after the birth of the first child, we also can recommend to use those embryos that have not been transferred before in order to reach the next pregnancy.

  • Embryo transfer

    Preparation for the embryo transfer normally takes 2-3 weeks from the beginning of your menstrual cycle. Moreover, you will need 3 visits to Nadiya Odessa for an ultrasound scan and medical prescriptions, or you can go through this stage in your own country. During this period of time you will have to take hormonal medications that first will help grow the endometrium thickness (estrogens), and then transform the endometrium (progesterone), so that it becomes receptive and accepts the embryo after the transfer.
    Embryo transfer is performed under ultrasound control with a full bladder (you must drink a sufficient amount of water 1-1.5 hours beforehand). The procedure takes only 3-5 minutes and is painless.
    After taking a seat in the gynaecological chair, the speculum is inserted into the patient’s vagina. Then, through the cervical canal, a soft catheter is inserted into the lower third of the uterine cavity. Afterwards, an internal catheter, where the embryo is located, is inserted into the soft one. Once the embryo is transferred into the uterine cavity, both catheters and speculum are removed. All instruments for this procedure are disposable.
    After that, the patient rests for 30 minutes in the ward, and having received the doctor's prescriptions, she can return home.

  • HCG after the embryo transfer

    To find out if pregnancy has occurred, you need to take an HCG blood test on the 14th day after the embryo transfer.

  • Ultrasound scan on the 28th day after the embryo transfer

    Еo find out clinical pregnancy + online consultation with your fertility doctor. Usually, it takes 2-4 months to go through the program with donor eggs till the embryo transfer.

How to choose egg donors?

You can look through our OvoPuzzle egg donor database where you will find comprehensive information about each lady.
In order to select a donor, you can rest on the coincidence of blood groups and Rh factor, eye colour and hair colour. However, in any case, it is important to choose a donor profile that will be close to you in hobbies, world outlook and, in general, will give you a pleasant feeling.
Whatever criteria you use to choose a donor, we sincerely wish you to find your own one, who you will feel confident and calm with.

Egg Donors

Nadiya Odessa collaborates with a partner egg donor bank - Ovopuzzle. Our clinic patients can find the egg donors for the treatment using donor eggs through the online egg donor database. Just click on the button “Find egg donors”, register and get free unlimited access to whole 250 egg donors database. Make your own puzzle of a happy family!

Find egg donors

Fresh or frozen egg donation?

It is considered that the use of fresh oocytes gives the best results in obtaining embryos. However, we have extensive collaboration experience with Australia, where we send vitrified oocytes obtained at our clinic. Based on feedback received from our colleagues abroad, we can confidently claim that our oocytes are thawed in 99% of cases. The cumulative rate of clinical pregnancy using vitrified/thawed oocytes reaches 75%.
All donors in our database are available for stimulation and obtaining fresh oocytes. However, upon request, you can check with the coordinator the availability of vitrified oocytes from the donor you like and use them in your treatment cycle.

What is the cost of egg donation?

Nadiya Odessa fertility clinic offers the following egg donation programs:

  • IVF with own oocytes (1 attempt, preliminary medical examinations for intended parents, ivf, icsi)
  • Egg donation. New Hope. 1 attempt (1 frozen embryo transfer, medications included: donor&recepient, 8 guaranteed oocytes or 1 embryo, preliminary medical examinations for intended parents)
  • Egg donation. Double Hope. 2 attempts (2 frozen embryo transfers, medications included: donor&recepient, 12 guaranteed oocytes or 2 embryos, preliminary medical examinations for intended parents)
  • Cryo cycle. Frozen ET (embryo thawing, 1 embryo transfer, medicines for future mother up to 7 weeks of pregnancy)/div>

What are the success rates of IVF with donor eggs?

The cumulative pregnancy rate in egg donation programs is 75%


About egg donation
  • Fertility patients’ wellbeing and care

  • Surrogacy with donor eggs or guaranteed. Fertility patients’ wellbeing and care

  • Surrogacy with donor eggs or guaranteed. Fertility patients’ wellbeing and care

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