Why us

All together we transform a dream of a baby into a reality


During the last 19 years, we have helped thousands of intended parents all over the world beat infertility and start a family. “Nadiya” from the Ukrainian language means hope. We give hope to every patient of our clinic: the hope to get pregnant and give birth to a healthy baby. Our “360° IVF Care” patient-oriented philosophy is focused on providing you with maximum comfort during your journey with us. We use innovative assisted reproductive technologies such as egg donation, surrogacy, IVF, ICSI, which are intended to help couples with the experience of multiple failed cycles

Why patients choose us

  • 10 years

    average experience of each fertility specialist

  • 70%

    of former patients recommend us

  • 75%

    cumulative pregnancy rate in egg donation (per cycle)

  • 2500

    babies were born

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    Individualized treatment plans

    In order to determine which type of treatment is the best for the patient our experienced and competent team of specialists will study all recent medical records, pelvic scans and necessary blood tests results for a better understanding of patient`s current health condition and possible cause of infertility.

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    Highest success rates. 9 of 10 patients are getting pregnant with us

    Nadiya Odessa offers infertility patients one of the best success rates in IVF and egg donation treatments. It became possible due to the team work of egg donation coordinators, fertility doctors and of course embryology lab high standard operational procedures.

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    3-part Patient Assistance

    Every patient at our clinic has a personal staff member responsible for the patient well-being and the treatment process, that is, patient coordinator, fertility doctor, embryologist.

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    Personal coordinator

    Our priority is to ensure that our patients feel care and support at every stage of the process. Therefore, we assign a personal assistant who speaks your language to explain, discuss, and share with you everything that happens – from the medical appointments with our fertility specialists to performing the necessary tests for a successful outcome of your treatment.

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    Embryological point of view of infertility treatment.

    We achieve high results and pregnancy rates due to the cutting-edge technologies, which are implemented at the Nadiya embryology laboratory. Free embryology consultation is included into every treatment cycle.

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    Digital Patient Care

    We strive to digitalize and simplify the process of communicating with our patients. The Doctor Eleks medical system automatically sends notifications to patients about the time of visiting the clinic, as well as when it is time to take medication.

    To eliminate the substitution of biomaterial, the clinic's specialists have developed and implemented a system "MedTracker". The system provides control over the movement of biological material of patients in the clinic in 37 stages.

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    Maritime city Odessa. Favorable atmosphere of successful IVF

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