Egg donor testing

Egg donor testing

Before participating in the donor program, a comprehensive donor examination should be carried out, which allows to exclude carriers of genetic pathologies and infectious diseases.

At the first stage of the examination, blood is collected to determine the level of Anti-Mullerian hormone, blood group, and Rhesus factor. These tests are performed only once.

To exclude carriers of infectious diseases, we carry out the next tests:

  • HBs antigen (HBsAg) (quantification),
  • anti-HBcore,
  • antibodies IgG HbsAg (Hepatitis B),
  • total antibodies to HCV (Hepatitis B),
  • antibodies to HIV1 /2 and antigen p24 HIV 1 (quantification),
  • total antibodies to Treponema pallidum (quantification),
  • antibodies IgG Cytomegalovirus,
  • antibodies IgM Cytomegalovirus,
  • gonorrhea (Neisseria gonorrhoeae),
  • urine test using real-time PCR,
  • chlamydia (Chlamydia trachomatis).

The validity period for all tests, except genetics, is three months.
On the day of the follicular puncture, blood is collected again to perform NAT tests to HBV, HCV, and HIV.

It is mandatory to carry out genetic screening, such as:

  • karyotyping for chromosomal abnormalities,
  • DNA diagnostics of cystic fibrosis,
  • DNA diagnostics of spinal muscular atrophy,
  • DNA diagnostics of Martin Bell syndrome.

Also, upon the request of our patients, we can perform extended genetic testing (up to 200 different genes) in the Invitae genetic laboratory (San Francisco, USA) – a leader in the industry of advanced medical genetics.

In order to determine the somatic health condition of the donor, the following tests are carried out:

  • coagulogram,
  • general blood test,
  • prolactin,
  • follicle-stimulating hormone,
  • luteinizing hormone,
  • estradiol,
  • estradiol,
  • urogenital smear microscopy,
  • Papanicolaou test (PAP test).

All of the above tests allow us to identify healthy donors and work with high-quality biological material, thereby increasing the effectiveness of assisted reproductive technology programs with donor oocytes!

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