Tourist Information. Maritime Odessa City

Tourist Information.
Maritime Odessa City;


Odessa is one of the most beautiful cities in Ukraine. It is located on the Black Sea coast and has been considered its pearl for many decades. Wide snow-white beaches, with a total length of more than 30 km, pure warm water and picturesque nature have made it a favourite summer holiday destination not only for Ukrainians but also for foreign guests.

The sea is not the only attraction of the city. Thanks to the opening of the port in 1801, which still remains the largest one, Odessa became a centre of trade, and a bit later, of cultural life. Back in the days of the Russian Empire, the best architects, sculptors, artists, writers and musicians moved here.

Today Odessa is a modern metropolis with a developed infrastructure. However, due to the special character of the Odessa inhabitants and the atmosphere created by them, there is no rush and noise peculiar to big cities. It's cosy and calm, like at home. Many streets have preserved their historical look – low houses decorated with 19th-century stucco, authentic coffee houses and restaurants, centuries-old trees, and the friendliness of local residents will fill the trip with only warm impressions.

What to do in Odessa?

More than 3 million tourists visit Odessa annually. Many of them are attracted by the rest on the Black Sea coast. A wide coastline with a beautiful promenade and a park runs along the city. The water warms up to an average of 25°C in summer. You can stay at one of the comfortable hotels, which are located across the city. Some have their own territory with access to the beach, swimming pools, restaurants, and other conditions for a comfortable rest. At the same time, Odessa is good not only in summer. Many people like to come here in spring, autumn and even winter. In the off-season, the city is beautiful in its own way. The beaches become free from people and give the opportunity to feel maximum unity with the sea and the surrounding nature. In addition, you can enjoy exciting city tours, since Odessa is famous for its sightseeing attractions, visit museums and relax in cosy cafes and restaurants.

The main attractions of the city

There are a lot of beautiful places in Odessa. However, when you come to the city for the first time, at the beginning, you should visit the very best ones:

  • Arcadia Beach – the central beach of the city with a beautiful promenade, cosy restaurants and nightclubs;
  • Health Track – a park area that runs along all the beaches, with beautiful viewpoints overlooking the sea;
  • Seaside Boulevard – it offers a magnificent view of the seaport, after enjoying which you can quickly reach the following attractions;
  • Derybasivska Street – the central street of the city with pedestrian traffic, which has preserved the special atmosphere of the old city;
  • Odessa Opera House – a monument of architecture and art, built in the 19th century in the Baroque style;
  • The Potemkin Stairs – built by order of Prince Vorontsov as a gift to his beloved wife, consists of 200 steps;
  • Monument to Duke de Richelieu – built to honour the founder of the city, by which it became the largest port on the Black Sea (located near the Potemkin Stairs);
  • Vorontsov Palace – the residence of the Vorontsov family, built in 1834;
  • Mother-In-Law bridge – according to legend, it was built by M. Sinitsa to make it more convenient to go to the mother-in-law for pancakes. Now it is known as the bridge of lovers, where locks are left to seal their relationship;
  • Odessa catacombs – an underground city, which is more than two dozen kilometres long, located near Odessa.

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