Patients stories

  • On behalf of our family, we want to express our deep gratitude to the Nadiya clinic (which is located in Odessa , Lyustdorfskaya road 61), and especially our amazing gynecologist-reproductologist Marina Nikolaevna Kirichek for the long-awaited pregnancy. Our dream came true, as we are expecting a baby. Nadia is the most professional and competent clinic for gynecology and infertility, where fairies work to make the dream of every family who seeks help come true. Thanks a lot.

  • DREAMS COME TRUE :thanks to the desire and the team of professionals! A great miracle happened! I am the mother of a beautiful daughter. She is already 5 months old. I am deeply grateful personally to Igor Leonidovich Zakharenko and his entire magnificent team.

  • My husband and I always wanted three children, but unfortunately we could not conceive even the first one. Then we asked for help from Nadia and were not mistaken. Here is good and high-quality equipment that helped us to identify the cause of our problem. And after the treatment, we were able to do it. Thank you very much for this miracle.

  • I am from Moscow, I heard from a friend about the reproduction centers in Ukraine, and decided to come here, because local doctors could not solve the problem. I came to this IVF clinic for the infertility treatment . Competent and responsive specialists offered me IVF with preliminary tests and diagnostics. The results were successful, which are pleasing :)) Now we are preparing for the treatment cycle, I'm not worried about my health anymore, experienced doctors of Nadia are always with me!

  • For a long time we could not have a child with my husband. 3 years of trips to various clinics in Ukraine. And Nadia helped! 2 months after the start of the first visit, I was able to get pregnant! Yesterday my son bacame one month old. Thanks a lot!

  • A fine clinic, helped me and my husband a lot. I was despaired, but here they hadn't only comforted me, but also helped us to get our great happiness - our daughter. We went through a lot of things from passing a huge number of tests to meeting her, but I am extremely happy about this!

  • When I came to this clinic with the problem of conceiving a child, the doctor used an integrated approach to treatment. During the diagnosis, the problem was identified and the treatment was aimed at both eliminating the disease and stabilizing the general condition of my reproductive system. I am satisfied with the medical services!

  • I couldn't get pregnant for almost two years. I turned to this IVF Clinic, passed a serious examination, and I was prescribed a treatment. The effectiveness of the treatment was excellent, I became pregnant. I can say that the doctors here are very experienced and competent, I am very grateful to them.

  • 9. Dr. Igor is one of the most experienced and professional fertility doctor that I have encountered during my professional career as physician. I am a vascular Interventional Radiologist/Endovascular Surgeon in the United States of America. I have been doing image guided interventional surgical procedures for the last 21 years. My wife is originally from Ukraine. For our fertility needs, we chose Nadia clinic in Odessa. We are very happy with our decision because now we have a 3.23 kg and 52 cm healthy child. So far we have done two IVF cycles at the clinic. Dr. Igor is very patient and kind and understanding and had great communication and very responsive to our needs and did his best using his highest level of expertise to help create our family.
    Having worked in America and having experience with several fertility centers that are world renowned in the USA, I can tell you Dr. Igor and Nadia clinic are second to none and perhaps one of the best clinics in the world for treating fertility problems. The clinic is well staffed with world class embryologists and has very modern equipment and very comfortable to visit. The clinic nurses and staff are very respectful and kind and very responsive to our needs.
    Being a physician myself and being from a Interventional image guided surgery background and having trained and worked at some of the top medical centers in the United States of America, I feel confident in choosing Dr. Igor and Nadia clinic again for our future fertility services. Thanks, Vivek

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